Page stuck in publishing queue on Open Text CMS

The other day i published a page to go live on my organisation’s website powered by the CMS Open Text Web Site Management version 10. The process from pressing the publish button involves our local onsite server that hosts the Open Text software generating the html file from the database and then FTPing the file and/or related files to our main website host. This normally takes a couple of minutes but on this occasion i was still waiting after an hour for the page to appear on live website.

This lead me to have a look into the Open Text Server Manager at the ‘Administer Publication and Scheduled Processes’ and ‘Administer Asynchronous Processes’ windows. From looking at both these i could see the problem. It was a page publishing process that was set 2 days prior that for some reason or other had become corrupted and stuck, preventing any other processes from running.

After contacting our website support and sending various log file for diagnosing problem i was told to try cancelling the problem process and also change priority for certain processes in the queue hoping to kickstart the blockage but to no avail. It seemed like the problem page publish process was truly stuck and at this point due to the weekend 3 days had gone without being able to update our website. After exhausting all ideas i was suggested to reboot the local server which i’m usually a bit scared of doing as its a bit temperamental. After waiting a few minutes for it all to load back up i logged in to Open Text admin, back into Server Manager and low and behold, the whole queue had cleared. I published a few pages that were awaiting to test it out, and these all went live within minute no problem.

So the solution in the end was quite an easy fix, reboot the server!