Kirbox website now live!

It’s been a long time coming but at last i have finally made my personal website/blog¬† live. I have the site powered by WordPress, the popular open source content management system which i have found works really well for this kind of website. I have worked with WordPress before and it is reasonably straight forward to create theme templates for this platform.

Projects for yourself can often be the most difficult to complete because of the overwhelming freedom of creativity and the freedom to change your mind after the ‘final’ design has just been produced. There is also a lack of deadlines, they have to be imposed by yourself and it is important to be disciplined other this work will never get done.

The beginning

Before i started designing the site i needed to decide a purpose, and this came down to two things: first to advertise my freelance services as a web developer, and second is the blog element. For years i have used other peoples’ guides, tips, tutorials etc on the internet to gain knowledge and help solve problems i have encountered. But now i thought i should give something back and write my own blogs. Sometimes i come across a web programming problem where a problem is not widely documented on the web or very difficult to locate and so if i do manage to solve it myself i can write my own solution for others to find in the blog.

Once a purpose was established it was time to decide on the menu page structure. A home page to display latest blog post and advertise my freelance status, a blog, a portfolio to showcase previous web jobs, and a contact form so i can be contacted. A grand total of four items for the top menu.

The design

This was the tricky bit and the bit that i kept changing my mind on and ending up with 16 ideas before deciding on this one. I wanted something clean and minimalist keeping colours down to a bare minimum. Some inspiration was taken from modern Japanese magazine design fused with some other highly rated web blogs where the typography was particularly striking.

The Build

After the digital design layout templates had been created i went on to the front end html css stage of creating all required page template variations. Once these were all validated and browser tested i went about merging these into the various wordpress templates. I used a few wordpress plugins to add funtionality to the site and to aid administration: PageNavi, Yoast’s SEO plugin, and Contact Form 7.