Page stuck in publishing queue on Open Text CMS

The other day i published a page to go live on my organisation’s website powered by the CMS Open Text Web Site Management version 10. The process from pressing the publish button involves our local onsite server that hosts the Open Text software generating the html file from the database and then FTPing the file and/or related files to our main website host. This normally takes a couple of minutes but on this occasion i was still waiting after an hour for the page to appear on live website.


How to check if someone is following back on Twitter

Ok so someone out of the blue has now started following you and even though you might not be that interested in their Twitter subject matter, out of politeness you follow back almost like returning the favour. Sometimes these phantom followers are on a mission to get as many followers as possible for what ever reason and as soon as you follow them they then un-follow you. May be its a status thing where it looks good having 500k followers and only following only 15. Anyway there is a way to spot if any of the people you are following are following back and this article shows how to do it.


Are access keys accessible?

When developing a web page with accessibilty in mind, access keys are usually a consideration especially when part of the brief is to “make this site as accessible as possible” . Access keys were brought in by the W3C in 1999 to allow people with blindness or mobility problems who would have difficulty in using a mouse the option to press a key shortcut on their keyboard to select a link.


Crumbly, non anti-aliased text in Windows XP

At home the computer of choice is my old white intel Apple iMac which so far has served me well and take for granted the nice, smooth, anti-aliased text it produces on screen. I had a bit of a shock when i started first day at new job (a while back) and got seated in front of an old PC powered by Windows XP. I loaded up the latest version of Firefox browser and looked in horror at the jagged, crumbly non anti-aliased web text some of which was almost unreadable.


Kirbox website now live!

It’s been a long time coming but at last i have finally made my personal website/blog live. I have the site powered by Wordpress, the popular open source content management system which i have found works really well for this kind of website. I have worked with Wordpress before and it is reasonably straight forward to create theme templates for this platform.